Great Commission Women "Hands On" Workguides

Updated Workguide Contacts

**Stamp Ministry

January 2015

Dear Ladies,

Thank you very much for the stamps that you send to the Stamp Ministry!  The income from their sale goes to support preparation, publishing, and distribution of a Spanish language curriculum for Sunday Schools.  More than 50 lesson series have been published and are being used in churches in 40 different denominations in 19 different Spanish-speaking countries in South America, Central America, and even in the USA. 

In 2013 we sent $37,000 to the Sunday School project and in 2014 we sent $41,000.  This brings us to a grand total of $854,361 since the inception of the Stamp Ministry in 1972.  Thank you so much for your support of this vital ministry. 

A note of interest:  In 1972, the first year of the Stamp Ministry, $4100 was raised. Last year, 2014, $41,000 was generated. 

We appreciate it very much if you enclose a self–addressed stamped envelope inside the top of your package so that we can acknowledge your gift.  If this is from a church, please include the name and address of your church and let us know when your contact person changes, helping us to keep our records current.  Also, an email address or a phone number would enable us to contact you if the need arises.   Every penny we don’t spend on postage means more money for the printing on the Spanish Christian literature. 

Please note, it is a federal offense to remove stamps from an envelope and attach them to a new envelope, even when the stamps have not been cancelled. 

We have a DVD available for you to share the Stamp Ministry with your church, family, and friends.  It’s yours to keep for a donation of $5 which helps offset the costs of production, the mailers, and the postage.

Please see the next page for updated Stamp Guidelines. 

Evening phone number for questions:  239-561-4168. 

Thank you for serving the Lord with us! 
Treva Crump
Alliance Stamp Ministry
15000 Shell Point Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL  33908

See rest of article.....Stamp Ministry

**Campbell Soup Labels

Collect UPC Codes instead of labels. Click here for more info.

Label program for Education for Dalat School

January 2015
Dear Ladies,

You are truly dear for all the Campbell UPCs that you have sent to us!  This year we have sent out a guitar, a flute, a trumpet, and a violin.  Over the years instruments have traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. 

Within a few weeks will send over 20,000 to Campbell’s.  At that time, we will order a violin and with the next order later in spring, we will order another flute.  At this time we still have a small guitar and a keyboard available to any child of an international.  We will ship the instrument to the international worker or to someone who can take the instrument to them, as long as it is in the United States.  We do not have the financial means to ship overseas.  Shipping costs range from $16 to $30 and are paid for from offerings. 

An acoustic guitar “costs” us 13,000 points (lowest amount needed) and a trombone “costs” 43,350 points.   We do special order specific instruments for children of International Workers, but it can take a few months and depends on how many UPCs are banked. 

Remember the UPCs from the following items are accepted:
Campbell Items                                  Pepperidge Farms
BIC                                                      Dannon Kids Yogurt
V8 Beverages                                                Emerald Nuts
Franco American                              Swanson
Swanson                                             Pop Secret
Prego                                                  Wolfgang Puck
Pace                                                    Glad Bags
Healthy Request

The Campbell’s Website provides a full list of items to redeem. 

UPCs will be marked with points from 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 points.  Certain Campbell items having no point value on them are worth one point. 

If you want to help, please separate UPCs by value and write the number of UPCs in each grouping on the outside of the bag.  We need to have 500 points in each bag we send to Campbell’s.  If you are able to sort them this way it certainly helps us. 

Beaverdale Alliance Church received permission to register and participate in this program in the early 1980s to receive items for Ivory Coast Academy.  When the Academy closed, we began to provide instruments to any child of an international worker.  

If you have any questions, please call me at 814-487-7155 (Eastern Time Zone).
Marilyn Robb
Beaverdale Alliance Church (PA)A

**Bongolo Hospital Supplies & Clothing 2015

CLICK HERE for 2015 needs and shipping instructions

Dear Ladies,

We praise the Lord for all of you who help the Bongolo Hospital with prayer and giving!  You are an integral part of this ministry.  In 2014, 40,000 patients were seen at Bongolo.  Over 100 people each month became followers of Jesus through this ministry!

In the past, people have been able to send packages to us via boat mail and airmail, but boat mail no longer exists and airmail is very expensive and unreliable. So now, about twice a year a shipment goes to Gabon through the port in Ohio. It is on these shipments that we invite you to send your packages. Due to the fact that there is no place to keep these packages in between shipments, we ask you to wait to send them until a shipment is going out.  

The times the shipments are sent are not always the same, so I have an e-mail list of those who want to be part of the “Bongolo Supporters.” I will send you an e-mail to let you know when a shipment is scheduled and will include instructions similar to those below. In that e-mail, I list the most urgent current needs that the staff at Bongolo Hospital have.  Please e-mail me if you’d like to be included on this list. Include your name, church, and location. Feel free to share the e-mail with other churches or groups who might also want to include packages on the shipment.

Please see the list of current needs below.

You will note that empty pill bottles are no longer on the needs list.  We have had an overwhelming response to these, but it is obvious that we don’t need as many as we are getting. When we need more in the future, we will ask those of you who in the past brought them via car from areas close to the port.

For the Bongolo Hospital Medical Team, thank you for all of you who participated in this ministry!             

Coleen Lofgren

Questions? Call me at 218-245-2706.

**Hope Clinic-Guinea

March 2015

Dear Ladies,

Greetings from N’zao Guinea. Thank you for your interest in Guinea and Hope Clinic!

Hope Clinic has a website that has the most up to date information.  As you go through the pages you will learn some of its history.

Hope started when one missionary man and his Guinean friend had a vision for a health post. Jon Erickson and Moise May worked together since 1990 and started many churches in the Mano region, as well as a primary school, middle school, and then the clinic. In 2003 the clinic opened its doors to see first people needing dental care. A few weeks later we opened an outpatient clinic. In 2002 my husband Jon Erickson and I helped set up the medical side of the ministry. In 2006 we started to teach a refresher course for the Guinean nurses and hired 9 of the students. Each year we teach a course like this and hire more medical personal.

Currently we have two Guinean doctors. One is a surgeon, trained through the PAACS program at Bongolo hospital in Gabon. The other doctor is a family practitioner. There are a total of 46 employees working at the clinic. Besides Jon and me we have a Gabonese couple that previously worked at the Bongolo Evangelical Hospital and were sent by the Gabonese national church as missionaries in 2007. In 2013 another Dutch missionary nurse arrived.

The Ebola outbreak has touched many aspects of the clinic and life in general in Guinea. The clinic closed in August 2014 because it had a suspect case of Ebola. We were planning to reopen in October 2014. But our dear friend and co-founder of the clinic Moise died during an outreach teaching people about Ebola. You most likely have heard the story or read it in Alliance Life. His loss has been tremendous for everyone.

In February 2015 we opened the clinic again, but only partially. May 2015 we will open the clinic completely. Ebola is almost gone. There are only a few cases up north.

We a looking for funds for a new water tower. The one we have now is not sufficient anymore for the amount of water needed. The clinic has a guesthouse for visiting medical teams. It can use some new supplies of linen’s, cooking utensils etc.  If you are interested in contributing to these items, please contact me.  Thank you!

Anja Erickson
Hope Medical Center, Guinea

**Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children

Click here for Items needed

May 2015

Dear Ladies, 
If your mind had to think about a church whose Sunday morning attendance had dropped as low as 29 and what their potential was for reaching the lost world, what would that look like to you?  God’s plans are always so much bigger than we can imagine.  That is the situation Shelby Alliance Church found themselves back in 2004. 
Our Great Commission Women’s Group consisted of four ladies; that number would double if we fed them.  Yet, three of those four women attended one of the first meetings that discussed the possibilities of building a hospital in Koutiala, Mali, West Africa.  During that meeting the three ladies who attended became excited about what God could do through our little group of women and God took over and did the rest. 
After watching God provide the money for Shelby Alliance to pay for the building of  he water tower and well for the hospital, Shelby Alliance Women accepted the challenge of sending what we thought would be shoe boxes of items over to the hospital “a couple of times a month” and changed that idea into sending sea containers, each capable of weighing up to 44,000 pounds of building supplies and all the medical equipment and medical supplies needed to build and equip and now maintain the Hospital for Women and Children.   In April  2015 we sent our 29th sea container!!
If you consider all that entails, it was a huge task, but it wasn’t us, it was and continues to be a God-thing.  If you think about it, how does one move operating room tables, exam tables, operating room tables and boxes and boxes of supplies from the ground into a semi-trailer?  God knew that even before we began and He provided us with a completely rebuilt tow motor/fork lift for the price of $1.  Everything that we have needed to complete the task He has provided and we have worked without a budget.  Women of all ages have helped in one way or another.
In one of the poorest nations on earth, newborn babies are dressed in a onesie, hat, booties and wrapped in a blanket before mom sees them for the very first time.  Children at the hospital are given coloring books, crayons or puzzles or bubbles when they are faced with a lengthy stay at the hospital.  Can you believe that rolled bandages are in demand there?  Yes, they are! 
If your group is interested in seeing how you might be able to be a part of this ministry, visit our website at to find out how you can help or visit the hospital website at There are 3 links to see the various aspects of this ministry and some items are printed below.
When your items are ready to be shipped please send them to the address below marked “Mali Project.”

Shipping costs are expensive, approximately $9/cubic foot. We are asking that you include a check for that amount. Please make the check out to: Shelby Alliance Women.
Thanks so much!
Jean Viers, Shelby Alliance Church
105 E. Smiley Ave. Shelby, OH 44875