Great Commission Women Around the World

Global Grounds Russia

Global Grounds is an LLC training business. Ultimately, Global Grounds exists to grow
the Church in Russia by aiding in a church planting movement. We are creating a bivocational
training program for Christian leaders and community developers using
Coffee Roasting ..." Read the full story



Yet another use for rolled sheet bandages

As Assistant Medical Director, I can have some unusual responsibilities. One night, I was called to the hospital for a mentally ill woman,thretening patients with a knife...(Read full story.)


Cote d Ivoire CMA women

Thought you would enjoy this glimpse of our Alliance Women.  Serving together, Esther Schaeffer
"We who have fled to Him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold
to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy
anchor for our souls." View the Video




As usual there isn't enough space here to tell all the stories that we could tell, but we wanted to at least tell one that is a great example of what God is doing in Mali through the work of the hospital. The village of Soun is so devout to the predominant religion that this name Soun is the local language word for... (Read full story.)


Cote d Ivoire CMA women

Last week was the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Alliance Women in Côte d’Ivoire. Because of the craziness of our current “we’re still moving in” lifestyle, I didn’t go to all of the 6 day woman’s camp in Yamoussoukro. But my colleague, Laura Livingstone, kindly saved me a place in her already packed van of pilgrims headed to Yamoussoukro for the weekend finale celebration. . . .(Read full story.)


House of Hope

Recently a large sum of money was given from Alliance Women Ministries to a new venture in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa called House of Hope... (Read full story.)



Mason Jar Gifts

The meeting began with a welcome and missions prayer time for our international workers around the world. A devotional followed about evangelism, encouraging women to reach out to others according to their unique personality; who to share a Mason jar with dried vegetable soup ingredients and spices in order to bless that person, open doors and use as an opportunity to share love and concern. . . .(Read full story.)


Women in Senegal

Dear faithful ones,

Your monies for the Women in Crisis project came at just the right time! This month we were hosting the Bridge Senegal, a short term ministry team that was made up of African Americans from C&MA churches. Several of these team members were working through out the week with Ndeye Djiouf in her prison ministry to women. They knew of her desire to have a safe house for women who are in trouble. She had even given it a name; Breath of Life. . . .(Read full story.)

blood pressure check

AWM Around the World in Gabon, W. Africa

Does giving through Alliance Women Ministries make a difference? It surely does! Recently funds AWM gave to a project in Gabon, West Africa made a difference in many people's lives. (Read full story.)


gingerbread houses

An Outreach Idea for All Ages!

During their December AWM meeting the New Beginnings Alliance Church in Poughkeepsie, NY had an outreach event which included young and old, mothers and daughters. They came together to make gingerbread houses and had a great time together!

dental chair and sink

Springtime...bring it on!

... FAARO (Alliance Foundation for Help, Resources and Opportunities) works with churches and other groups in Argentina that share God's love in word and deed among the poor and marginalized... Through a gift from Alliance Women FAARO was able to help an Alliance church in the northern province of Corrientes, located directly below Paraguay. (Read full story.)


color me beautiful

Pass the Salt in Brazil!

We would like to thank you for approving us for the 2009-2010 Alliance women project. We are already doing the evangelism to reach women in Brazil using color analysis and inner and outer beauty seminars... We have l8 women signed up to do Bible Studies. We are so thankful for the funds that Alliance Women raise so we can do these types of ministries. (Read full letter.)

Congo baby supplies

It was thrilling to be at the hospital in Bongolo, Gabon recently. In the well stocked pharmacy were outfits for newborns provided by AW. Thaought you might like to see the stuff actually en site.

Marcia Braun


Red Cross shelter

Local Red Cross Homeless Center in Ithaca, NY

Going along the lines of the national Alliance Women Ministries' theme "women in crisis", our local group 'adopted' one of the rooms in our local homeless center run by the American Red Cross. It is a room especially for women who are homeless. (Read full story.)

The Big Bootie Drive!

Well, we called it the Big Bootie Drive here in Sandusky, Ohio.
I am in close contact with the gals from Shelby Alliance, those terrific ones whose ministry for the Koutiala Hospital has grown and exploded. (Read full story.)